A. General Requirement

  1. Only applicants who meet the qualifications pursuant to STCW 95 of the Manila Amendment 2010 will be contacted for inclusion in the next selection process.
  2. For those who have already registered, please not to register again, unless there is a change of documents and sailing time.


B. Terms and Condition

Willing to be placed in all ships owned by PT. Pan Maritime Wira Pawitra and meet the following requirements;

  1. Certificate of Expert Nautical / 3rd Engineer.
  2. Ceritificate of Expertise & Skill according to the position.
  3. Age Max 28 Years old.
  4. Experienced in all types of vessels (Min 2 years).



  1. Seafarers accepted based on test results regardless of educational origin (Alumus), tribe and connection.
  2. PMWP only accept the position of Junior Officers (Second Officers and Third engineer).
  3. PMWP will provide convenience to work for all Seafarers with the aim of Seafarers able to dedicate all capabilities to the company.
  4. Career Opportunities and extension of Sea Work Agreement are granted to all Seafarers in accordance with Ship Cruise Performance Rating and Review.