Apexindo, Service Provider for Offshore Drilling

PT Apexindo Pratama Duta, Tbk asked to the government to make optimal the implementation of cabotage principle for supporting the growth of ship industry in the Mother Land. This case was synchronous with the application of six Maritime Toll designed routes in Indonesia.

As an Indonesian corporate for supplying or providing the service for offshore drilling, Apexindo has already been over 31 years in providing their services in Indonesia, South Asia, and the Middle East. This corporate also became the first one that was registered in the bursa effect of Indonesia for this type of drilling service business.

Moreover Apexindo was the only Indonesian corporate that has offshore rig armadas, land rigs, and FPSO. As a national corporate, it stands for reason If the corporate were very concern on the cabotage policy.

Asas cabotage is a principle that is related with the internal sovereignty of a country on the territorial of sea an air. Therefore this principle has to give a special right for ships to support the commercial operational under the related country flag to do the porting transportation.

The government has to prioritize this cabotage principle that was expected will be able to stimulate the shipping industry. We are sure that the member of INSA (Indonesia National Ship-owner’s Association) will comply with the cabotage principle,” started the Marketing General Manager of APEX, Irawan Sigit, in Jakarta. According to him, making effective of asas cabotage will be able to grow the economy, because it can give the business chances as wide as possible for national or local maritime transportation companies.

“Asas cabotage will also be able to protect the country sovereignty, especially in maritime sector. The integrated regulation was expected to be able to give a chance for national companies related with the equality in implementing the project,” his continuation.

On top of that, this regulation will also be able to increase the national ship production because all ships that are shipping in Indonesian waters must be under the Red and White flag. “Asas cabotage in functioned to protect the country sovereignty, especially in maritime sector,” his explanation.

This application of asas cabotage, he continued, has also been regulated on Paragraph 7 and 8 UU No. 17 the year 2008 about shipping. Because, of that, making effective of this principle will be able to give the right for the transportation company from Indonesia to operate exclusively.

The effort to protect the country sovereignty will also be able to become stimulus for supporting the growth of shipping industry the quote fulfilment on the Grade of Local Component (TKDN/Local Content). Apexindo as a company for offshore drilling service provider is the only one Indonesian company that make their one offshore rig (Raniworo Rig) to become the first jack up rig in the world under Red and White flag.

“This case is as a form of obedient and support from corporate on the government regulation especially in applying of cabotage principle,” his explanation.

His expected that Raniworo will have a big chance to get jobs in the Mother Land, in the same direction with the government commitment to increase the national capacity in industry oil and natural gas.

“We are sure by having some asset like rigs under Indonesia flag will able to give some plus value for the corporate in competing with international doers that all this time have already participate to make busy of national migas industry,” his statement.

Source : Ocean Week – April 25 – 8 Mei 2016