Performance and Achievement

As an offshore support vessel company, PMWP’s operations relate to some of Indonesia’s most important and resilient economic assets: oil and gas. Therefore, PMWP will continuously thrive to better serve its customers and clients through investing in its fleet and human resources. All of our clients are oil companies, among others, British Petroleum, CNOOC Ltd., ConocoPhillips Indonesia, J. Ray McDermott, Kodeco Energy, Pertamina, PetroChina and TotalFinaElf.

Currently, PMWP focuses in crew boats business through additional investments in new ships, coupled with enhanced technical assistance, ship management and maintenance. PMWP believes that it will be well-positioned to seize the opportunities to fulfill client’s requirements. Aligning with the government policy of the Indonesian Cabotage (Undang-undang Republik Indonesia No. 17 Tahun 2008 Tentang Pelayaran), all of our vessels are registered in Indonesia (Indonesian flag).

Our record shows that since 2003, PMWP has received several “Excellent Safety Performance” awards from some major oil companies’ in Indonesia, such as ConocoPhillips and CNOOC.

These achievements show as a recognition of our high quality and safety satisfactorily.Other performance that has been achieved in the past 12 months, is that we are able to maintain our vessel utilization up to 95% and our accident rate up to 0 (zero) accident.

PMWP is also dedicated to continuously improve its operations and maintains rigorous safety standards offshore and onshore.

PMWP’s safety management system has been successfully audited by, among others, Bureau Classification of Indonesia (BKI), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Bureau Veritas (BV), Noble Denton and Falconer Bryant, signifying full compliance with international standards.

PMWP believes that it is crucial to relentlessly improve and develop a dedicated and well-trained professional crew for operating its fleet. To obtain this objective, the company enhances the capabilities of officers and crews by providing advance seamen selection program, training and seminars.